PenTen - Focus on the essentials

We need to see the forest for the trees, to climb on a hill and look at the bigger picture and to make the distinction between what is important and what is not. The present and future hold various possibilities. To identify them we need to think outside of the box. Different things than before, in a different way than before. This way we can innovate, create ideas and turn them into business.


Public relations, forest and bioeconomy

Feasibility studies, expert surveys, newspaper and journal articles, presentations, speaker and moderator services, event management packages, public relations management and lobbying - all these services in Finnish and English.


Management consulting and decision support

Support in situations that are related to the understanding and evaluation of strategic issues, management structures and organisational development, finding the right people and partners, internal and external communication and co-operation networks.


Networks and funding arrangements

Help in finding potential co-operation partners and funding for investments, development projects and reorganisation of company structure - in Finland, Europe and globally.

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