PenTen - In forests and cities

PenTen Ltd is dedicated to helping its clients to find new ideas, solutions, funding and co-operation partners. The consulting company operates in national and international markets.

The key areas of expertise include forestry, bioeconomy and sustainable development. The company has also extensive experience in regional development and creative economy.

PenTen Ltd is focused on supporting the work carried out by CEOs, executive teams and boards of directors. The work assignments may be connected to, for example, the preparation of a strategy or business plan, organisational development, organisational changes or utilisation of different funding sources.

A wide network of partners ensures that PenTen Ltd can offer a broad range of expertise services in a flexible manner. From clients’ perspective, the services are effortless because even larger assignments can be included in one contract.


Public relations, forest and bioeconomy

  • Feasibility studies
  • Expert surveys
  • Presentations
  • Newspaper and journal articles
  • Speaker and moderator services
  • Organising client events from start to finish
  • Lobbying
  • Public relations

Management consulting and decision support

  • Roles of and co-operation between the board of directors, CEO and executive team
  • Management coaching and training
  • Executive team coaching
  • Working methods of the board of directors
  • Management systems, management tools and indicators
  • Organisations’ development processes and performance evaluation

Networks and funding arrangements

  • Utilisation of national sources of funding
  • EU structural funds, direct EU funding
  • Foundations and funds
  • Equity investors, capital funds
  • Property development
  • Consulting in company acquisitions, identification of potential buyers and sellers
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